As we specialise in custom and bespoke plastic moulding, over the years we have produced a whole host of products. Using the best equipment and machinery available we are able to manufacture complex and intricate designs and, working alongside our design team, our clients have been able to create high quality bespoke items meeting each and every one of their requirements. Here is a small selection of some of the products we have manufactured recently.

Auto Jammer

Used for pumping the jam filling into doughnuts, the auto jammer is one of the sweeter products we’ve made.

Baby Cups

We have produced a batch of plastic injection moulded non-spill baby cups with lids in a range of colours.

Dog Bowl

Using the latest plastic injection moulding machinery, we created this two-cylinder dog bowl, complete with carry handle.

Fire Alarm Panel

With safety in mind, we designed and created this efficient fire alarm panel.

Heater and Components

We are able to produce complex designs, like this electric heater casing and its components.

Jockey Shells

We have even produced a range of equestrian equipment, such as riding helmets, shells, and stirrup treads.

Electric Box

We’re also adept at creating intricate designs with moving parts, such as this electric box with swinging plastic door for easy access.

Smoke Detectors

We have created many safety devices for the home and workplace, including smoke detectors, fire alarms, and burglar alarms.

Sounder Alarms

As well as standard safety devices, we have also produced a range of sounder alarms.


We can easily work with electrical equipment,such as car radio housings.

Heater Controls

Intricate moving parts are easily designed and produced, and always meet our high production standards.


We can create complex designs with ease, like this gearbox housing.